tom clarke-hill

What strange and challenging times we are in now ehh! Having had an online presence before Covid 19 Tom is still lucky enough to be working but definitely not taking it for granted! The broadcast quality studios now have some sweet new additions including a lovely Neumann mic which is getting a daily workout with one thing or the other. Online horse racing, radio ads, computer game for Sony, childrens channel, character and gaming classes and an ongoing nature series! Variety is the spice of life.  Stay safe and hopefully we'll all be back to it soon! Please get in touch!

After a fun episode of You, Me and the Apocalypse on Skye, Tom is back at it Voicing a new computer game, more cartoons, a Power Rangers ad for Bill Clark at Origami Productions, corporate madness (elearning) , some trails for Channel 5, Canadian Affair radio ads, plus 3 TV ads for MONSTER JAM!!! Monster Trucks are coming to Twickenham Stadium! OMG!!!

And mainly the home studio is on fire with corporate, cartoons like Zack and Quack, Trailers for the folks at Phaebus like the Forger with John Travolta…It's all go!

Presenting in Monaco recently for the Irish Fund of Monaco and the Children of Chernobyl --

Two great series for Discovery USA--voicing Babys Behaving Badly and Beasts Behaving Badly for the folks at Barcroft Productions where Tom and various comedians take apart the top Youtube funnies!

Things are swinging for Tom as he's featured acting in You, Me and the Apocalypse airing on Sky this fall.